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What size is the fabric?

Fat Quatrer; 20” x 22”

Half Meter: 20” x 44”

Meter: 40”x44”

Fat eight; 10” x 22”

What is a pack of fat eights?

A pack of fat eights is 20 pieces of co-ordinating fabric cut to fat eight size 10” x 22”

What is a jelly roll?

A jelly roll is 40 2.5″ strips of co-ordinating fabrics

A mini jelly roll is 20 2.5″ strips of co-ordinating fabrics

What is a charm pack?

A pack of 40 5″ squares in co-ordinating fabrics

What is a layer cake?

A pack of 40 10″ squares in co-ordinating fabrics

How do I pay for the fabric?

By Visa debit card

Visa credit card


When will my fabrics arrive after I have ordered them?

We do our best to get your order out within a day or two.

You should receive it within 7 working days.

When is the shop open?

Monday: 1pm-4pm
Tuesday: 1pm-4pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday 1pm-4pm
Friday: 1pm-4pm
Saturday 2pm-5pm
Sunday: Closed

During Term Times

I also open the shop from 9.00 -10.15 on Thursdays and Fridays before class

Outside of term time I open by appointment.

It is always worth giving me a call on 0877986872 if you would like to make an appointment outside of these hours.

Do you travel with the shop?

Patchwork Plus regularly travels to patchwork meetings around the country. To make a booking contact Moya at patchworkplus@gmail.com